A and S at Washington Blvd NOT on Nov 13th

As this Sunday is the Barony Meeting and Practices with PIE at the Castle in Wexford, there will be no A&S at Washington Blvd. Make PIE, eat PIE, vote for PIE!

Also, I am looking for an indoor location for us to meet, so please keep your eyes open and let me know if you find anything around. Examples of places on my list so far: Panera (but no privacy or reservations); Stoke’s Bar on McKnight Rd (private room available); JoAnne Fabrics (unused classrooms, reservations needed); Tech Shop (East Liberty (on bus routes, probably free).

So, looking for: anywhere central, easily accessible by bus, and free or low cost. Let me know of any ideas!

Thanks, Elss Augsburg
BMDL Minister of A&S